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6 Parenting Tips for Parents with Daughters Entering Puberty

February 26, 20241 min read

  1. Puberty starts earlier. Be prepared.

    1. Download the New Puberty by Louise Greenspan and Julianna Deardorff Ph.D.

    2. Realize you will have to initiate the conversation before your daughter enters puberty.

    3. Hormonal changes, feet getting bigger, sweating, getting taller, breasts, hips wider, and periods. 

  2. Hormones are the chemicals that initiate physical and emotional changes. Be on the lookout for those changes.

  3. Emotional changes – remember you experienced them during puberty and be sensitive to her moods.

    1. Consider several positive alternatives to emotional outbursts: take a walk, hit a pillow, read a book, turn on music and dance, jump on the trampoline, and eat healthy.

    2. Buy a journal – Just Between Us, a Mother-Daughter Journal, by  Meredith Jacobs  (Author), Sofie Jacobs  (Author)

  4. Chemicals in the environment can cause hormonal disrupters, which can affect moods, periods, and cramps. Download the website for information about harmful chemicals.

    1. Become a detective and see potential chemicals lurking in your home. 

    2. Detergents, room deodorizers, make-up, shampoo, Roundup for your weeds.

  5. With the presence of breast buds, expect the period to start in about two years. Sometimes, only one breast bud will begin to grow, but the other will eventually catch up.

  6. Ensure your daughter has a fully equipped period kit for her backpack and is comfortable with everything inside. Make it a fun mother/daughter activity!

    1. Pantyliners, pad, baggies, wipes, clean underpants (period underwear), something for cramps (Therma-care or meds) and tampon (if using it).

Don’t forget to celebrate once she starts her period.

By taking Puber-Tea or Puber-Tween with your daughter, you’ll be thoroughly equipped for future conversations, and she’ll receive the information to help her feel confident about puberty and periods. 

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