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A Holistic Approach to Helping Our Tweens and Teens With Stress and Anxiety

February 26, 20242 min read

Let me introduce you to Mandy Holden, CMT CTNC. Mandy has been a certified massage therapist for 26 years. She is a nationally certified holistic nutrition coach and empathic energy healer. Mandy has worked in multiple Wellness Centers, Day Spas, and sports facilities and has her own Wellness Studio in Newport Beach, CA. In her private practice, Mandy helps clients reduce stress, anxiety, and chronic inflammation, increase immune support, and improve overall well-being. She combines lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, holistic nutrition, and energy healing.

Mandy has been featured in numerous magazine articles and taught private courses and public group events with
Magnolia Wellness OC, The Fullest, and Jenny Kayne. Today, she will be sharing with us her knowledge on how to help alleviate stress in tweens/teens using a holistic approach:

Navigating adolescence can be a stressful journey for teenagers and their parents. In the quest for effective stress reduction, a holistic approach can supply much-needed support, with craniosacral therapy emerging as an ideal option. This gentle yet profound therapy addresses the physical manifestations of stress. It delves into the emotional and energetic aspects, providing adolescents with a unique avenue to find balance and serenity amidst the challenges of teenage life. Let us explore the transformative potential of craniosacral therapy as a holistic strategy to alleviate stress and foster well-being in tweens and teens.

Through the ups and downs of adolescent development, using a holistic approach to support the well-being of tweens and teens becomes increasingly vital. Craniosacral therapy, often associated with relaxation and stress relief, emerges as a promising tool in addressing the unique physical and emotional needs of this age group. As young individuals navigate the challenges of adolescence, the gentle touch and subtle adjustments of craniosacral therapy offer a potential gateway to promoting balance and emotional resilience in their journey toward adulthood.

Craniosacral is a hands-on approach that involves gentle manipulation of the head, spine, and lower back to enhance spinal fluid flow. This modality promotes the balancing of the central nervous system and supports overall health and well-being. The gentle nature of this work makes it a perfect fit for younger people going through modern-day challenges such as anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, ADD/ADHD, neurodiversity, and neurological conditions, to name a few.

Craniosacral can be clothed, making it non-invasive and comfortable with a certified craniosacral practitioner. The parent can also sit in on the session, allowing for more familiarity when receiving this work.

Mandy’s greatest desire is to bring healing and optimal well-being to all her clients. If this work seems like a good fit for your tween/teen, please get in touch with her to schedule an appointment.

Mandy Holden CMT CTNC

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