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Leslie's On "The Rag"

November 08, 20221 min read

Our founder, Leslie Dixon, is the guest on the latest episode of “The Rag: Period Posse Podcast.” 

The Rag is a podcast that is all about digging into the taboos and making the mysterious a lil more friendly! About half the world experiences menstruation, but for some reason, we treat periods like a spooky secret. No more! Born from the Period Posse (look us up! @periodposse), The Rag is here to break the period stigma. 

Jenny West and Krystal Dash from Vancouver Island co-host The Rag podcast and take their lack of understanding of periods, sex, health and everything else that sparks their curiosity to those who actually know their stuff. They rag, rage and reflect on topics that are often left to Google, support those making waves in the community and share hard-to-tell stories.

In this episode, Leslie joins them to talk about “The Talk.” They want to know: “Is having a super uncomfortable, sweaty-palmed, one-and-done conversation with your kid about sexual health enough?” (You know how Leslie feels!) She discusses removing the fear and shame around sex and puberty and exploring the benefits of parents having an ongoing, open conversation about healthy relationships and respect for oneself and others at every age and stage. Krystal and Jenny also share their own wild experiences from going through puberty.

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Leslie Dixon

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